The following outlines funding provided to the Jefferson County Highway Department and its allowable uses.


Federal Funds are collected through revenue from certain highway user taxes, primarily the federal gasoline tax. These funds are credited to the Highway Trust Fund and distributed to local governments through Departments of Transportation. Up to 80 percent of improvement costs on federal aid routes are paid with federal monies and are matched by 20 percent local funds.

  • Surface Transportation Rural (STR) Funds"
STR funds are appropriated to the counties of Illinois based on 3 areas, non-urban area, non-urban population and non-urban mileage. Jefferson County’s STR allotment for FY 2017 is $507,044.04.

  • Highway Bridge Program (HBP):
HBP provides funding for bridges which are structurally deficient and/or functionally obsolete. A bridge is defined by the state as any structure of 20 feet or longer from abutment to abutment. The County Engineer programs the use of these funds with the Illinois Department of Transportation. Jefferson County’s HBP allotment in FY 2015 was $151,000


  • Township Bridge Program (TBP):
TBP funding provides a State funded program of $15 million per year to construct or rehabilitate bridges on the township road system. A bridge is defined by the state as any structure 20 feet or more in length from abutment to abutment. It also may be used for necessary engineering and right-of way costs associated with the projects. These funds may pay for 80 percent of the cost of the project. 20 percent must come from local funds. Local funds are defined as any other source of funds available to the township road district other that federal and State funds appropriated by IDOT. Jefferson County’s FY 2015 allotment was $189,000.

  • Motor Fuel Tax Fund (MFT):
MFT funds are collected by gas taxes in the amount of 19.0 cents per gallon and an additional 2.5 cents per gallon on diesel fuel. The Illinois Department of Transportation allocates these funds according to state statute. Counties with more than 1,000,000 inhabitants receive a designated allocation. Allocation to Counties less than 1,000,000 inhabitants receive allocations in proportion to the amount of motor vehicle license fees received from vehicles registered in that county in the prior year. MFT funds are primarily used for construction and maintenance of County Highways, right-of-way, traffic control devices, equipment operating costs, workman’s compensation insurance premiums, engineering services and utility adjustments. All expenditures must be approved by IDOT, however Jefferson County operates under an Agreement of Understanding, which expedites programming and use of these funds. Agreements of Understanding are entered into under IDOT’s discretion with counties whose offices are adequately staffed, equipped and financed to perform the duties and requirements if the Illinois Highway Code satisfactorily. Jefferson County’s FY 2015 allotment was $501,325.72


County funds used by the Highway Department are collected through the county property tax levy and includes the County Highway Fund, County Bridge Fund and Federal Matching Aid.

Revenues from the County Highway Fund are used for the purpose of maintaining county highways including payments for payroll, equipment rental, utilities, land, buildings and materials. This may also be used for local match portions on federal aid projects. Jefferson County’s FY 2015 levy was $304,265.74.

Revenues from the County Bridge Tax are used for construction and maintenance of County bridges, bridge approaches, culverts and drainage structures. This may also be used for local match portions on federal aid projects. Jefferson County’s FY2015 levy was $140,658.74.