Tax Prepayment Plan

Tax Prepayment Plan


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Before using our PREPAYMENT PLAN, consider this:

Why not open your own savings account, and sign up for Auto-Pay?
With your own savings account, you could deposit as much as you like, as often as you like.
Just determine how much you need to deposit – then do it:
       Take your current tax bill, and divide it by eleven (11) – this will give you a hedge against tax increases.
       Deposit this amount every month into your new savings account.
       If you get paid by direct deposit from your employer, just have them deposit this amount into your savings account.
If you build up too much in the account, reduce the monthly deposits, or transfer the money elsewhere.
When you have your own account, IT REMAINS YOUR MONEY – not the County’s, and you earn the interest.
Just be sure to deposit enough to cover your tax bill when the time comes.

THEN enroll in Automated Payments on our online payment platform:
You will need three things:
          1. Property Index Number (PIN) that’s the 10-digit code 00-00-000-000 on your tax bill.
          2. Bank routing number (that is the 9-digit code on your checks or deposit slips).
          3. Bank account number (also on your checks or deposit slips).
Go to, and agree to the terms.
Select one – Real Estate, or Mobile Home.

Enter your PIN(s) – If you do not know that number, enter your last name, OR your street address, and click “Find”. If you have more than one PIN, you can select them all by adding them to your cart.

Click “Enroll in Autopay”, and create an account. We recommend making payment by e-Check (or ACH) where a single e-Check transaction can pay for multiple PINs for one fee of $1.50 per installment.
Don’t like the fees? Consider this; the interest on the account will probably cover the fees, so don’t let that stop you.
You will be directed to enter your bank routing number, and bank account number – be very careful to enter these numbers correctly.
Once enrolled, you will receive an email notification about a week before the payment is scheduled to be pulled from your account. After the payment has been made, you will receive another email with a confirmation number indicating the payment is in process.

Processing can take 4 to 5 business days
, but your payment date will be the date the money was pulled from your account. Wait a few days, then check the payment status online by going to Just enter your PIN and click search to confirm your payment is processed. From here, you can even print a copy of your paid tax bill if you need it.

Now your tax bills will be paid on time every time, and all you have to do is . . .

Beginning the first business day of the month following the second installment due date, prepayments towards the next Jefferson County real estate tax bills will be accepted. The prepayment period is open for about six (6) months, or until the next billing cycle begins:
  • Pay up to 100% of your last tax bill.
  • Pay as often as you like.
  • Any property owner is eligible to participate.
  • All real estate taxes MUST be current, and there can be no outstanding delinquent tax years.
  • Prepayments may be made with cash, check, or money order; you can also pre-pay online by e-Check, Debit, or Credit - fees apply.
  • Prepayments sent by mail must include the index number(s) to which payment is to be applied.
  • Please call 618-244-8010 or stop by our office if you have any further questions.
The prepayment plan is optional, and there is no charge to participate (there are transaction fees for on-line payments), and no forms to fill out.