Animal Control

Animal Control


T: 618.244.8024


Office/Mailing Address:
107 E. Perkins
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

Jefferson County Animal Control is an indespensible county department providing the following services:

  • Controling animals running at large (dogs and cats)
  • Protecting the public from dangerous or vicious animals
  • Conducting wellbeing checks such as neglect, abandon and abuse
  • Picking up stray, unwanted and feral animals running at-large
  • Assisting Hospitals with animal bites in order to prevent rabies
  • Removing trapped animals for citizens (domestic or wild)
  • Providing shelter for the pets of citizens experiencing emergency situations (ie, fire, flood, etc.)
  • Helping lost pets find their way home
  • Providing all services to all villages in the county to prevent animals from running at-large, except where the leash law does not apply in the county
  • Working with State Inspector (ie, chickens and livestock complaints)
The Jefferson County Animal Control is a non-profit organization that includes a county funded animal shelter. We are the homes for the animals who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or just surrendered by their owners. Some didn’t find their way home and were without an ID tag to reunite them with their owners. We get so many new animals in our shelter every day, they all have a very limited time to be adopted.
The shelter can’t hold animals until we find the perfect home, there are simply too many arriving on as quickly as they come in. Many people are bringing litters of animals in and do not have a chance . Keep in mind, this is a county kill shelter so animals have a very limited time here.
Although we do keep animals as long as possible to find them a home, putting animals down is a last resort.

You Can Help

There are many things citizens can do to improve the situation for animals in our county. We want to thank everyone in advance that would like to help save one of these wonderful animals!
  • Adopt and animal!
  • Sponsor an animal! This way, the animal has an even better chance of finding a loving home!
Even if you are unable to adopt or sponsor an animal, you can make a difference by donating the supplies that help the shelter care for animals in-house or the resources that allow the shelter to transport other animals to greater capacity, no-kill shelters as necessary. Suggestions include:
  • Collars for dogs or cats of all sizes
  • Puppy and cat booster shots
  • Puppy food
  • Cat Litter
  • Traveling crates (especially medium and large)
  • Gas cards or gas donations for transporting the animals to Rescues

Animal Control's Recommended Links

The below organizations can assist our community in protecting pets and wildlife.
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Dept. of Conservation (Wildlife & Licensing)
  • Injured Birds | 618-988-1067
  • Honey Bees | 618-267-7102
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